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Naturopathic Services is the leading provider of the innovative Compatibility Test. We have years of industry experience and connections to Naturopaths all over Australia and overseas. Using hair (or saliva), this non-invasive test identifies the influence of local foods and products on a client’s body. 

The basis for the test is simple: by feeding the body correctly and avoiding foods and products that lead to health problems we can reduce adverse reactions which present as 'diseases' or 'symptoms'. In our Compatibility Test we refer to these as 'incompatible' foods and products.

Developed by experienced natural health practitioners and backed by over 30 years of research, our Compatibility Test will complement your existing services. To learn more, visit the links below:

Why is our hair analysis and Compatibility Test so innovative?

Compatibility Test is a naturopathic procedure not a medical one. This means the hair analysis test reveals your client’s health and cellular responses at a much deeper level, giving you a full understanding of what is really happening in the body.

By avoiding incompatible foods and products and using only compatible foods and products indicated by the test, your client’s body is able to deal with any other issues more effectively.

Due to its effectiveness, the Compatibility Test has become widely regarded as the essential analysis tool for proactive Naturopath professionals who wish to go beyond relieving symptoms and offer a holistic approach to wellness.

Want to join our network of natural health practitioners?

With years of industry experience and connections to Naturopaths all over Australia and overseas, we can help you revolutionise your Naturopath practice. If you’re a registered Naturopath interested in expanding your business, then why not become a Compatibility Test practitioner. To register your interest or find out more, contact us, or give us a call.

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Our hair analysis test is very different from common hair mineral analysis testing.
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These days, many suffer from detrimental reactions to foods and household products.
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