Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
In medicine and psychology, a syndrome is the association of several clinically recognizable features, signs (observed by a Health Practitioner), symptoms (reported by the patient), phenomena or characteristics that often occur together, so that the presence of one or more features alerts the Practitioner to the possible presence of the others.

What is now being called “chronic fatigue syndrome” is nothing new. Some of my clients had been suffering from this terrible condition for many years before finding their answers. Some of them have suffered for as long as 15 to 20 years.
Nearly all of them had been told by various Doctors that “You’ll have to learn to live with this condition”. Their therapy seemed to help tone down some of their symptoms but not remove them.

Diagnosing a disease can be a very complicated business.
As general rule Health practitioners accumulate a range of symptoms to fit a symptom pattern for a specific disease. Once they arrive at the name of the disease they follow on with the therapy of their choice.
The problem with this approach is that a lot of symptoms relate to a number of different disease states.
There are many forms of Fatigue. Tiredness and fatigue are two different things.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is different from Post Viral Fatigue.
Symptoms of CFS
Fatigue can cause a vast range of other physical, mental and emotional symptoms including:
• Chronic tiredness or sleepiness
• Headache
• Dizziness
• Sore or aching muscles
• Muscle weakness
• Slowed reflexes and responses
• Impaired decision-making and judgement
• Moodiness, such as irritability
• Impaired hand-to-eye coordination
• Appetite loss
• Reduced immune system function
• Blurry vision
• Short-term memory problems
• Poor concentration
• Hallucinations
• Reduced ability to pay attention to the situation at hand
• Low motivation.
From a Naturopathic perspective, we take a look at the patient’s symptom list and identify what those symptoms have in common.
From there we identify the ROOT CAUSES that are overloading the
Immune System and creating the Chronic Fatigue.
So where do we start?
Someone once said “We are what we EAT”
Diet seems to me to be a major contributor to CFS. Eating the wrong foods can cause many of the symptoms above.
Every cell, organ and system in your body is highly dependent on a regular supply of nutrition and electrical stimulation. Without adequate nutrition, the various organs cannot function correctly thus leading to many of the symptoms above.
Eating bio-incompatible foods can greatly affect digestion. Poor or faulty digestion does not allow the body to get the nutrition out of the food you eat.
Sending a simple sample of your hair to our Compatibility Program Centre can reveal not only the foods that are contributing to your Fatigue but also give you a list of foods and products you CAN use. Feeding your body with Bio-Compatible foods will ensure each cell receives the right nutrition and electrical stimulation.
The symptoms for this condition are much the same as CFS. The difference is that many of the viruses we suffer remain in the body at a low level but still manifest many of the symptoms above.
Quite often people suffer from both conditions. Following the Bio-Compatibility Wellness Programme will sometimes enhance the immune system enough to deal with these hidden viruses. Other times you may need other Naturopathic medicines etc to defeat these invaders. The first stage always feeds the body correctly.

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