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These days, many suffer from detrimental reactions to foods and household products. Some seem to cause pain and discomfort while others seem to aggravate existing symptoms. Foods today are so altered by soil degradation, fertiliser, irradiation, genetic modification, and importation, that many people are turning to organic and gluten-free foods to reduce the ‘reactive effects’ they are experiencing.

While this may work for some, it may not for others, simply because whether it’s organic or not, certain foods and products are just not compatible with the metabolisms of certain individuals. We call these ‘incompatible’ foods or products. Our approach boils down to finding the answer to a single, simple question: “Are the particular type of foods (in their present forms) any good for this client’s unique body?”

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What makes Naturopathic Services different?

Many eating plans focus on avoiding foods. Our Naturopath based Compatibility Test approaches the problem at a much deeper level. We look at the foods and products affecting each individual client and find foods that they can eat.

The program is not merely about avoiding foods and products that cause a reaction, but rather only eating foods that are compatible. Our aim is to provide your client with a unique list of compatible foods that are right for his or her diet, so they can restore their body’s natural ability to repair itself.

Want to know more about our hair analysis and Compatibility approach? Visit our Q&A page or contact us directly. Our Australian Naturopath practitioners are happy to answer any questions you may have, no matter where you are in the world.

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