Tiredness and Brain Fog

Tiredness is one of those symptoms like headaches.  Tiredness can be caused by a number of different areas.   A few notables are Thyroid problems, Iron deficiency and Blood sugar problems. From a Naturopathic perspective, it is relatively easy to determine if the client has any of the above conditions and apply appropriate therapy.  BUT the question remains as to why these conditions developed in the first place.

The two main types of Tiredness we hear about are, mental and physical.

Tiredness is a normal state for the body. It is only when the body does not recover by eating and sleeping that we consider it fatigue.  It is quite normal to be tired after a big day or rigorous exercise.  Tiredness is also part of the hunger process.  It is one way the body tells us when to eat.

As a practitioner, I am more focused on the cause of the tiredness.  Is it normal or excessive? Is there some underlying cause?

Tiredness can be aggravated by stress, not enough sleep, poor nutrition and excessive activity without appropriate rest periods.

Tiredness is often confused with BRAIN FOG.

Brain fog is hard to appreciate if you have never suffered from this condition.  Some symptoms are; waking up tired, frontal heaviness around the eyes, permanent headache or dull head.  Some people say that their brain will just not function properly.  They just can’t be bothered doing things. They can’t think clearly. Their brain hurts when they concentrate.

Another comment is “I just don’t have enough energy to get through the day”.

Quite often people can feel energetic in the body but the head says no.  This condition can lead to comfort eating and weight gain.

Often we see people who eat well nutritionally, have a reasonable lifestyle with adequate rest, sleep etc but are still tired or just functioning at around 80% capacity. Cells in the body require electrical stimulation as well as good nutrition to function well.  Certain foods give this necessary stimulation whereas other foods can inhibit electrical stimulation.  The result of eating incompatible foods results in poor cellular function.  This is a major cause of tiredness and Brain Fog.

We can determine the correct foods for you to eat through a sample of your Hair!

This gives us information about your body, how we use that information is how we help get people back to normal.  Our Wellness Programme is contained in a 17-page report. You will receive your results plus all instructions and general information to restore your health.

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