Treat the Disease or Treat the cause

When a patient tells me they are suffering from some diagnosed disease what it says to me is that there are cells in that area which are not functioning properly.    There are numerous names given to various skin conditions like Psoriasis, Dermatitis, eczema and so on.  All that they are really saying is that ‘the cells in my skin are not working the way they should’.

The same follows for most health problems.

We can apply creams and take medications and supplements to relieve symptoms but the condition will return unless we deal with the underlying cause.

All cells in the body need several factors to function properly. The main ones are nutrition and electrical stimulation. Eating the perfect nutritional based diet will gain very little unless we can digest and use the nutrition at the cell level. To correct these two factors we need to fit the foods to the individual.

Most eating plans are based on Nutritional research and an understanding of how the various nutrients are used in the body.  However, if you have an adverse reaction to that food at the sub-clinical level the nutrition will not be available for the body to use. In most cases eating reactive foods will affect the electrical status in the cells and inhibit absorption and assimilation.

Which foods and household products are affecting your health ??????????

The Bio-compatibility and Wellness Programme is not about treating disease.

We look for your compatibility with over 430 local everyday foods and household products.  It takes time for the cells to gain proper function.

The Wellness Programme gives you a 16-page report that contains all the information and instructions you will need over your 6-month plan.

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