Your Doctor Within

Albert Schweitzer the great physician once said; “Each patient carries his own doctor inside him”.

Today we refer to a “Doctor” as a person who can cure people.  The dictionary meaning of doctor is TEACHER.

Let’s combine these two thoughts. We as practitioners can only teach our patients what to do.  The real decision is up to them.

The human body is a very complex, magnificent machine. It houses what I call innate healing processes. Science has given us much understanding of how a lot of these bodily processes operate but there is still a lot more to discover.

As practitioners, we can only operate within the limit of our knowledge and diagnostic skills.  The body carries within the ultimate healer/doctor.  No matter what our chosen modality, the best we can offer is; make changes to create the best environment to allow the body to repair.

All healing is really self-healing.  When Practitioners are “treating” diseases with herbs, minerals, medications etc. unless your immune system is strong enough to use those medicinal properties, there will be no healing. “Healthy” foods and supplements may provide you with a nutritious diet but unless you have the internal building blocks to use those nutrients no healing will happen.

To be healthy your immune system must start with a certain vigor and spark.  Our Compatibility Program gives us the tools to kick-start this vigor and spark. Feed your body with compatible foods to awaken your doctor within.  The first step on the journey is to repair and normalize your immune system so that the doctor within can repair and restore your body to good function.

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